​Properties in Dubai

Why invest in Dubai now?

Allow us to give you a detailed overview of all the advantages of purchasing property in the city of records:



Dubai Immobilien Luxury Properties

The quality of building in Dubai is excellent and leaves nothing to be desired. Properties are designed by internationally recognised architects and buildings are very modern and architecturally very demanding. Rooms are normally very large, although the customer can make changes to interior design. The plots are rather small. Prices can be compared to many known locations (London, New York, Beijing, etc.) significantly lower and rental rates are very high at the same time! The perfect location to invest..

Dubai a Tax free paradise!  


Dubai Immobilien Marina Luxury Properties

Earned income from property renting, property sales, leasing and inheritance are all tax free!

A very important advantage in Dubai is the tax exemption. The purchase of a property has no transfer tax and properties can be rented without any profit tax. This is real Paradise especially for the Europeans who pay high taxes. When purchasing property for at least AED 1.000.000 (approx. Euro 250.000) the new owner can apply for a residence permit and a bank account will be officially opened. The rental income will be transferred to this account free of any tax payment.


Extremely high standard of living: Perfect infrastructure (International schools, international hospitals)


Dubai Immobilien Luxury Properties

There is a high quality of life in Dubai. It has been nicknamed as the Switzerland of the Arab region! Infrastructure is perfect, seven lanes of traffic without any rush hours and accidents. Perfect road network!  There is a high standard of interesting leisure activities such as professional golf courses, tennis tournaments and concerts. There are international schools and hospitals with top professional service and very qualified staff. The official languages are Arabian and English. Contracts are drawn in English.


Dubai is a superlative city 


The highest building in the world - largest shopping center in the world - building the largest airport in the world - the construction of the Health City - Largest Indoor Snow Centre in the world - Largest Disney park in the world under construction - construction of the largest wheel in the world ( Dubai Eye) - Largest artificially created islands: The Palm




Due to an at least 70% annual occupancy rates with very high rental returns.


Investment returns is extremely high due to annual occupancy rates of at least 70 % meaning that within a few years your investment will be repaid. With perfect weather conditions, properties can be rented 12 months of the year. The lowest occupancy is always in July and August with temperatures reaching very high and for this reason the number of visitors from Europe is lower. Requests for touristic units accommodation (Hotel apartments and rooms, holiday homes etc.)  in Dubai is higher than the offer of properties and will continue to increase in the future because the EXPO (2020) as well as other international events taking place in this region.  Buy today and guarantee your future income!


Organised property rental by the developer with tax free transfer of the rental amounts to your bank account 


Dubai Immobilien Marina Luxury Properties

The developer can arrange to take care of renting the property on your behalf and transfer your income of 70% annually to your bank account tax free.  It is normal for the developer to be responsible for the maintenance of the property. A professional carefree solution for your rental income to be transferred automatically tax free to your bank account. You just enjoy your stay and your bank account!


Dubai is one of safest places in the world in terms of crime

Dubai Immobilien Luxury Properties

Safety living conditions are very important in Dubai! The Emirate is one of the safest regions in the world but the same time you are not surrounded by police! Citizens live together in peace from more than 200 countries! They accept each other with their different mentality and culture and tourists play an important part of their daily living, and are fully respected.  The danger of terroristic attacks in this region is very low in comparison to the USA or Europe.


Dubai Immobilien Luxury Properties

Steady value increase of the property market

Immobilien Dubai Luxury Properties

As Dubai is becoming the most interesting place in the world property prices will steadily increase during the next years. Europeans are only just beginning to invest in Dubai and interest will increase rapidly in the very near future.  At the moment the percentage of European owners is still under 10%. It is calculated that this percentage of European property owners in Dubai will increase enormously by the EXPO in 2020.   There is no other place than Dubai for a perfect investment worldwide.


Perfect weather conditions during the whole year


Dubai Immobilien Wüste Luxury Properties

Dubai has one of the warmest climates in the world with a dry desert climate. There are only 2-5 rainy days during the year with daily temperatures reaching over 20C with at least 8 hours daily sunshine. Water temperatures in summer are more than 30C and in cold months of January and February (winter months!) between 22C-23C.  The warmest period is in July and August with temperatures reaching between 30C-40C.


Dubai is exceptionally clean and well maintained


Dubai Immobilien luxury Properties

Dubai is one of the cleanest cities in the world. Throughout, cleanliness is very important and you will not find any kind of dirt or rubbish in the city or on the beaches. Even the lower not visible parts of outside sitting benches are cleaned daily each night.  Tourists from all over the world behave appropriately and the city is always very clean!


Dubai is a superlative city.   Petrol will not always guarantee the emirates an income and the government has began to build up tourism and real estate as new strong parts of its economy. The object is to develop Dubai as the most interesting destination for tourists from all over the world. The fact that the number of visitors increase every year is the best evidence for this successful strategy. In 2014 a total of 12.000.000 tourists visited Dubai and the object is to increase this number up to 20.000.000 visitors annually until the year of the EXPO in 2020. New records keep the high interest of the visitors alive.